Eli’s Balloon

Balloon Front Cover Marketing

Description: Eli believes he can be anything he wants to be, but can he really? Come with Eli on a fun adventure as he explores what it would be like if he were a balloon!

Eli’s Balloon is an award winning, fully illustrated, children’s book that takes children on an imaginative journey as a balloon. Through it’s colorful illustrations and easy-to-follow text, children are encouraged to follow their dreams and become anything they desire to be in life.

Eli’s Balloon includes lesson ideas for parents and teachers, thereby making it an excellent learning and discussion tool for both the traditional and home school classrooms. Eli’s Balloon is the perfect gift for young readers ages 4 through 8 (Pre-K – 2nd Grade).

Join Eli on this wonderful journey today!


Click below to learn more about Eli’s Balloon

Eli Pic

Meet Eli

Ideas for Teachers

Ideas for Parents

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