Just for Parents

Reading Eli’s Balloon with Your Child

Eli, like many children his age, has quite the imagination. The bold and vivid illustrations help bring Eli’s imagination to life for young readers. You too can help this story come alive for your child. Read the story out loud to your child. Make the story exciting. Perhaps use a different voice for each character and use expression as you read.

Ask Questions and Make Relationships

You can help your child make real-life connections to the story by asking about the different types of jobs discussed in the story that are seen in the community. Also make connections about the different settings in the book. What is meant by “bad air”? Talk about pollution and what it means. Listen to your child’s response then have a conversation about what they may or may not understand.

As you continue to read the story, ask your child different types of questions to check understanding:

Sequence: What happened in the beginning of the story? In the middle? At the end?

Critical Thinking: Why would Eli want to be a balloon instead of fireman?

Connection: What types of jobs do you know in your community? 

FUN Activities Together!

♦  Siblings Helping Siblings

If you have an older child at home who is a struggling reader, have him/her read the story to your young reader. To help your young reader advance as a reader, have him/her read the story to you or an older sibling.

♦  Balloon Fun

Print out the Eli’s Balloon Activity Sheet

You will need: Paper, your imagination, and markers, crayons, or colored pencils

A.  Using the free Eli’s Balloon Activity Sheet printable, have your child draw a picture of what they want to be when they grow up inside of the balloon image. Have your child color it in and make it nice! Talk with your child about the occupation they chose.

B.  Using the free Eli’s Balloon Activity Sheet printable, have your child draw and color their face inside the balloon just like Eli.

Make reading a relaxing experience for your child. The less stressed your approach to reading, the less stressful the experience of reading will be for your little one. Let your child read at his/her own pace. Make time for him and he will love you for it.

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